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Yoga: Body, Mind & Spirit (Yoga, Meditation, Everybody, Ganja, Hatha, Kriya, Maternity, Namaste, Overcoming Trauma Through, Prenatal, Raja, Strala, Vinyasa, Nidra, of the subtle mind, Bible, Sutras)

  • Author:Mallika Dhingra
  • Publisher:Yoga
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  • Format:Kindle eBook
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  • Pages:674
  • Publication Date:May 13, 2017
  • ASIN:B07287YF9P

Editorial Reviews:
Thanks for coming here today!

As you may be aware, Yoga is a form of exercise that has been practiced for many centuries, in fact it’s routes stem back, even well before Christ.

But, Why Do We Practice Yoga?

It’s main purpose I guess would be to help us achieve a state of mental peace and spiritual bliss. However, over more recent times people have began practicing it from a totally different standpoint.

Many of us today have desparately turned to it’s mystical and magical powers in the hope of treating or in some cases in hope of finding a cure for some of the more complicated ailments like: blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, liver, dermentia, gout, epillepsy, and kidney disorders, and much more, basically where the conventional forms of medication and treatment may only have failed.

So, if Yoga is practiced properly then it may just prove an antidote to treating and perhaps even curing these more complicated illnesses where doctors say that there is no medical cure or even hope!

I don’t know exactly the reasons behind why you may have come here, today, but should it be for one of the reasons mentioned above, then I sincerely pray that you find what you’ve been looking for here, today!

For reaching here and downloading my book I would like to offer you a FREE bonus read (you can find it at the bottom) which may also be of interest to you.

It’s called “The Magical Herbal Remedies (of 99+ medicinal plants).” This ebook also written by me discusses the proven health benefits of the many herbal plants and spices available to us at arms reach and in the outside world as an alternative way of treatment and for a better, heartier and healthy life.

This book normally sells on Amazon but, today! You may read all about it’s magical powers absolutely FREE! And, may I also tell you that this ebook has frequently proved a bestseller on Amazon and the remedies talked about in it are truly remarkable, proven and been scientifically tested in many of the spheres of medical science.

For these reasons I’m sure you’ll find the read highly interesting, informative and truly enlightening.
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